A/N: Wrote this mere minutes ago after having stared at the moon. It really is gorgeous when full, isn't it? I'm fond of dancing after its rained, at night beneathe the moon. This isn't meant to be perfect, to rhyme, have a syllable meter, or any real form at all. Just a freestyle, simple poem. But I do hope you like it.

As always... Read. Review. Enjoy.


Look at the full moon tonight
At the round silver orb
With it's ring of light
Blanket of pale, sheer clouds
And backdrop of black night
With shimmering stars

Watch as I dance
Beneathe the full moon
Spinning and swaying
To the hidden music
Feet moving, arms swinging
As I dance and twirl

See my halo of golden red
The silky strands of my hair
Moving around my head
Pale light illuminating my face
Eyes of jade closed in delight
And sweet smile upon my face

Glimpse the wind whispering
Around me and tugging at my gown
The dew from recent rain
Upon the green grass
As it wets my pale feet
And dampens the blue fabric

Gaze upon my face
And the enchantment found there
As I dance and spin
Worries of the daylight hours
Gone with the rising of the moon
Childlike delight resting on my lips

Stare at me as I dance
Like a child upon the grass
Beneathe a pale full moon
And the darkness of night
Watch me as I dance,
Dancing just for you.