Heh... I'm really off with the uh...whatever it is, lately... (grins)

BuuutI guess I'm hoping for something a little too much in this poem.. ah well.

Please enjoy anyhow.


Never Before

Passions arise,

my heart starts to fly

as I think of you.


Your smile makes me smile,

your kindness gives me hope


You don't know how happy you've made me


I feel complete,

I feel like I've finally found you


And I don't want to let you go.


You've ignited a fire in my heart,

a spark in my soul,


Youmake me come alive,

(like never before)


My heart will never be the same again.


There's a passion inside

which was never there before


I feel so alive,

I feel a part of something beautiful,

I feel like I belong.


I hope I'm right,

I hope you really are...the one.