I want to be young again, to have fun like the old times.

I want to live for the moment, delight and revel in my prime.

I want to have everything you have, at any cost or price.

I want to know I'm loved, without having to think twice.

I want your life, his life, her life. Any. Just not mine.


She gave me excitement once, thrill, lust. Desire.

She held me close and her love took me higher.

She took me as I was and never asked "why?"

She and me will never be because she wont try.

She has gone and now I feel that silent Goodbye.


If I could just get things perfect, then it would be ok.

If I learnt to love again, I hope I would never betray.

If only I had a new beginning, a fresh start everyday,

If I could put a bandage on and wipe the tears away.

If only everything would be fine if I just had a pray.


Pride comes before a fall.

You cant have it all.

I have higher standards.