A/N: hmm. this one just kind of came out...so I felt like posting it. Nothing special, but R&R me, I'll R&R you keep writing, loves.

--pammy--- x3

Torn Up

You are always yelling at me

Breaking my heart constantly

Because you want me to do

Things you never did

Even though I don't want to...

Because you insist

And I try to make you happy

Because I don't want you to leave

You always seem so angry with me...

And I try to make an effort

I try to keep you involved

You say it's too late and I should've called...

But really you don't care to be involved at all

You could've called me too, Dad

And I swear I would've picked up the phone

You say I never seem to remember

But you forget about me twice as much

And why don't I tell you anything

When I go out of my way to tell you everything...

I'm holding on at an age when most are trying to let go

Because I'm afraid you won't come back

Everyone asks why I can't tell you how I feel

And it's because I know you'll tell me to deal

And it gets you upset to see me upset

But I wouldn't get annoyed if you meant what you said

I have to work and I'm sorry and Remember to do this for me...

I don't know how much harder I'll work to try and make you happy...

I tell you you're forgiven and I tell you I'll forget

But all the lies you've told are always in my head

And if you can't turn to me then who else can you turn to?

But it's been quite a while since I've turned to you...