flakes of my brain
litter the sky
like a hundred-
million starlights
I dream as if
there's no reality
flesh and blood
thicker than water
and just as transparent
it's purely ornamental
to say 'I love you'
lips are easily read
souls lie within the eyes
and lies fuel the mind
we believe in everything
and nothing is right
just subjective
and subject to change
I'll take whatever's left
turn into something beautiful
today's standards aside
beside myself with you
normal to the mortal plane
loneliness is just waiting
for the future to take place
grab the bullhorn
and make yourself spectacles
with glass rose petals
mind the silver-lined thorns
clouding your vision
of what the future cannot hold
nonsense holds the most rationale
but our ration's running out
you can't reach it if you tried
sand through fingers falling
the hourglass shattered
time is somehow relative
but has no next-of-kin
the notification lacks authority
but you're a respectable sort
wavering on the edge of insanity
tightrope running with knife in hand
cut your daily intake of crap
hard to breathe with gills stuffed
skill or faith brings death to life
veins coursing along those lines
drawn, painted, sniffed, and broken
like moths to your insufferable charm
harlequin tresses trussed
higher than failure's stench
doomed to beat and repeat the records
mass-produced talismans
to ward off conformity
society devours by the hour
ticked off by marks on the wall
the fifth is first to cross
but 3-for-1 raises bars
prevents what we choose not to do
excuses our mistakes
takes our money, time, freedom
for faith that fails us
as we hail ourselves
worldly kings self-proclaimed
ordained by inbreeding
seceding ever swifter
from our own lightbulb
flickering as it guides us
within the confines of our cell
biding time to buy more time
the 'not for sale' portent
makes death all the more potent
life provides the perfect distraction
for omnipotence to spike the punch
we throw jokes around to ease the pain
but even laughter's feigned
at love for the feint of heart
that abusive emotional ruse
that divine torture we choose
and lose for better
for never experiencing is worse
and cursed by desire
we commit to the fire
on one leg kneeling
a lofty proposition
for a dangerous position
as man and wife
and so life terminates
for two and emerges one
and the trophy goes to
serendipity before skill
enough to kill for
for stupidity blinds us
and hindsight reminds us
that humans we
shall ever be.

TMK 4.10-11.2006