She was slumbering and sleeping

Wondering and weeping

Unloved and unneeded

Unheard and unheeded

When broken left in pieces

Based on nothing more than a thesis

A love so blemished and shattered

Leaves a heart so beaten and battered

A spirit left within a shell

Left with only horror to tell

Standing ridged at the edge

Teetering on an emotional ledge

Could you stop her if she tired

Could you love her if she died

For her soul is already dead

A heart by rejection fed

Leaving her in contorted state

Where loving her would be too late

She is nothing more than me

The person inside you, you cannot see

The reject in all running so deep

For all those tears we never weep

The person that longs to be held and to hold

And all the words we never told

Looking for someone to fix the scars

Find a release from imprisoning bars

Arms to hold and caress

And place for a tired head to rest

A provision not often found

A need so simple yet profound