The four stood; shoulder-to-shoulder, dressed in black tuxes; hats against their chests, held in their left hands; heads bowed and minds weeping. Two men, two women. Coran Young, Morgan Jane, her sister Shana, and the bioweapon, Dante Hatcher. They stood with everyone linked to Jared Frost, from his parents to his acquaintances, watching as his casket lowered into the ground. The lid was decorated in black rose pedals and the sad day never seemed more beautiful as the morning sunlight reflected off the dewy grass.

The four were standing at the cemetery in the town where all this began. Behind them, nearly one-hundred vehicles were parked, waiting for their masters to return and take them to a new place. But beyond that, there was an empty house in Denver, Colorado. Empty, that is, except for the letter written in red ink:


By now, you have certainly seen that returning to the past you left behind is inevitable if you plan to save the future ahead. They are all here now, at my corporation. Soon, if given you are too late, they shall become one of the creatures you most despise. Soon, they shall become the latest specimens in biotechnology.

Your brother never screamed so much in his existence.

You have one month.


"Raven Ko," Coran whispered as he tossed in a handful of dirt, simultaneous to his three companions. They all bowed their heads once more before replacing their hats upon their heads, turning on their right heels, and walking away toward Coran's mother's car.

It's time to take back control of my life. Coran thought as he started the ignition and drove off into the Nebraska City skyline.

It's time to get back what makes me a Time-keeper…