Mr. Limerick

The air is cold,
temperature low.
The sky is dark,
the only light is the light that lights the car.
The car is covered in white snow.

It is silent outside.
Nothing in sight.
Except the car covered in snow.
And a shadowy figure approaching it slow.
A man is going out tonight.

You can here the sound of the car alarm turn off.
You can make out the man cover his mouth and cough.
You can see him open the door and crawl in,
turn the key and start the engine.
Light his cigarette and take a puff.

He puts his car in reverse and rolls down the driveway.
Changes to drive and drives away.
Classical music is on,
playing quiet and soft.
So the neighbors do not awake.

A car is coming up behind,
swerving from side to side.
The man knows something is wrong,
the driver of the swerving car is drunk.
But that's not the case, the ground has been frozen to ice.

The cars collide,
but continue to slide.
The smoking man is thrust out of the car,
not wearing seatbelts is a hazard.
Now the man lays motionless, except for sliding on the slick ice.