Yesterday's News

Had a good thing, our love was warm

Didn't think it would die down, would survive the storm

Time had passed and outward our love had worn

Together forever, we had always sworn

But times have changed, my heart has torn

More time has passed, we grew further apart

Then all of a sudden, the phone calls would start

You broke up with me and I wanted you back

Turned yo ass down, so mad you can't have me

Old news to me, so excuse me if I look happy

Good moments and good times, all in the past

But you dumped me and mad we didn't last

Showed no remorse when we broke up

The next day you were with my mans

But crawling back now, didn't know what you had

Old school news, cause you mean nothing to me

Took a broken heart for my eyes to see

Dump me again…I won't let it be

Never forget the bombing, yet the pain wont last

And don't think about you much, our love, its in the past