Vice Versa

He was strong and bold

Strong and bold

Strong and bold

Until I saw him die

He was hung on a tree branch that almost broke off

Put up there because of lies told

He was strong and bold

Until cops and the other prisoners beat him

Thrown in jail because of the color of his skin

Had his freedom taken for standing up

Strong and bold he was

Yet that was before the sight of his children when he came home

All five shot dead in their beds

Punished for having a father that yelled his tribulations

But that is not what I thought

It is what they tried to force upon me

Uncle Thomas, stood for what I believed in

Grew as time went on and cheered for my triumphs

He was a strong and bold man

Whether he cried, was beaten or sent to his grave

He carried me on his back, and I thank him

One day, I will be as strong and bold