Me and My Girlfriend

She's down to ride when the Arabs come

By my side as they told her to run

Both have nothing, but she'll lend me some

Down for me, our love weighed tons

Forget the world, I'll give her the sun

Never shed a tear, not even for joy

She called me a man, as others called me a boy

Never doubted what she could do

Always together, we used the best glue

Did what you did, earned respect from my crew

Not sex or even a kiss, when we first went out

Even picked me up when my heart had a drought

Long hours one the phone, learned what you were about

Introduced to my folks, showed nothing but respect

Flying white doves, the only thing to be next
Saw magic in your eyes, so I stuck around

Said how I felt, but never let out a sound

Searched long, and yet my future is what I found

Gives me everything I'll ever need

She's my girlfriend, one I can't believe