The Prayer

Lord I come to you on this day

And always thank you for the life you gave

Even the markers and obstacles made

Pray to you nightly because you guided the way

Gave me your heart, so I have to be saved

Apologize for the wrong things I did and the horrible sins

So many wrongs, I just don't know how to begin

Looked past my bad, and gave me the power to win

Sometimes I ask why you do what you do

Your words I believe always spoke the truth

Asked you questions, and the answer you always knew

Sent me happiness when my days were blue

Time and time again, my soul was lost

Send me an angel, or at least show me the cross

To have faith and to believe is what I was taught

Didn't come for more questions to ask

Future goals, current plans, or even the past

Your words listened to and your name forever praised

Worship you from now and to the end of my days

You were always by my side, tis I you saved

Thank you lord for all things you have done for me

Blinded by the Devil, but you made me see