A New Thought Process

Well what else could we be?

Makes a smile appear when times are boring

Alone together, but we wildin out and having fun

They're for me if I ever needed help at all

They are a friend when I truly need one

Keeps me company when there is nothing to do

Have me laughing when I'm down and out

And that is the way it always was, never changed

And now the idea of something different

I don't know, what else could we be?

Well when those arms are around me it's a feeling of ecstasy

Looking into their eyes and I don't see the world anymore

For it is a world of its own, but with more to experience

Denied it before, but now see the truth

An existence with the one I once called a friend

From playing tag and sharing stories

To sharing a kiss and making new stories to tell

From hanging out at the movies and dodging hungry dogs

To going on dates to the movies and dinner afterwards

A new outlook, a new experience, a new man in my life.