So Confusing

It's just so damn hard to stick to one when there are so many out there

Another shape, another time, and just so much damn opportunity

The smile catches them, and then the jokes immediately reel them in

And they are at times clueless to my objectives as a guy

Yet sometimes I do not know my objectives during the conversation

It's confusing when you have so many choices, and don't know what to do

Should you stay with the one that offers more opportunities?

Should you be with the one that can give you what you want?

Or should it be the one that is pure excellence made into a woman?

The girl that make you smile like never before when you see her

I could pick the girl that would be easier to get or get what I want from

But then the girl I would love would slip through my fingers

I could pick the girl that knows me better than anyone

But the girl in front of me has me harder than I ever been

Yes, I'm thinking with my penis, but that's what guys do

Confused from the heart

Confused from the blood rushing south to one spot

And inspired by so many beautiful women