Amazing Colors

So many colors, so many shades

So much beauty, in so many ways

Saw what I saw, but can't believe what I've seen

Walking in the midst of such urban queens

Can't think straight with such an amazing theme

From the Asian seduction and Puerto Rican appeal

To the black shape and Dominican feel

Even to the Caucasians, whose color won't peel

So many colors in only one place

Greatness in a world of more than one race

Colors shown from phase to phase

Just open minded throughout my days

Amazing colors, each with its own sway

Each a fragile essence, but still a strong feature

Can't believe what the colors do, until you see her

It's the light they have when the time is dark

The rainbow made on gloomy days

So many hues, but nothing to say

Nothing simple, just an angel of grace

Not even perfect, but my eyes she amaze