Brown Skin

Her brown skin, aww man it's crazy

Can't believe the glow it has

Or the movement it has in the dark

From her forehead, to her itty bitty toes

Then her belly button to the middle of her back

Not always preferred, but it's so damn beautiful

Effects the way she looks when she smile

And then again when she frowns

Entraps me when I look up to see her

And yet it won't let me look away

I can't look for too short of a time

And I'm sorry if I stare too much

But it's hard not looking at a world wonder

Better than the pyramids and temples

Then it could even make the tide rise and fall

From space and the stars to paradise

Even surpass hyped actresses and supermodels

A shade of brown in a world of gray

A piece of art was made, and so she will stay

A beauty in her throughout her days