All This Time

We started talking from way back when

Already a year and a half, but its starting to end

Would always blame myself, but your fault it was

You had done some things, but it's me, you said you loved

Could say lie or deceive, but it was all of the above

You said love first, but your ready for a an

Believed all your shit, so your lies would stand

Was always suspicious, but let things go easy

Had belief in you, because you believed in me

It was raining inside but I just couldn't see

We talked of marriage, but you messed with him

"Don't know how it started", when I asked how did it begin

Still talk now, claim he's only a friend

Got more of your time, so I had lost and he would win

Said he was your real soul mate, the shit I was in

Shared some good times, but those you looked past

Second chance at love, I thought we would last

At first, my heart was perfect, but you made it crash

Your empty words said, I should not have listened

In my heart now, all of the love is missin'

Me and you, just made for each other

Be together in the worst of weathers

Your love was no burden, its light as a feather

We were a perfect balance, good and evil

Love you too much, but yeah, I should leave you