I Don't Want To Cry

Well this is no ordinary work of mine that you know,

Mainly because I don't know what to say,

Or even how to say it.

I just know that I have done things I have never done before,

And I haven't ran in the street and act a fool in a while

Or walk in the street, at night or in the day so close

Holding hands and kissing someone in front of others.

I was a cheater when I was younger,

So kissing and holding hands in public was out of the question.

You're the only person in my life that doesn't keep me on my toes,

When we're out, I care not for the next girl, guy, or family member.

I only care about you and what we are to become in the future.

I'm almost always calm and laid back in the street………..

But when you're around, I just do some of the dumbest things

I don't know what it is about you that make me do what I do

That makes me feel the way I feel. Or see the things I see.

I just know that the way I feel about you is a way unheard,

I love more than anything I have ever known

I can almost cry, when I start to think of how much I love you

I almost cry, when I think about how much I let you in

You know more about me that ANYONE in the world

I could never picture myself living to see this age,

But now I don't want to even picture me and you not being together

I would hate to picture a world in which we are not in love

A place where we don't hold each other and talk every day

And when I think of me and you ending up together, I smile

I make fake smiles all day when around other people, fake

But when I'm with you, you might not see it all the time, But I smile

My eyes are watery while writing this, but I don't want to cry,

I always said you would never see me cry, no matter what,

Weather there was a death in the family, a past on friend,

Or a part of me was stolen, or you were unhappy

It's just that when I think about you, when I think about what you do

It starts to happen again and again, but no tears

I'm tearing inside, and I just want you to know that

I don't care what you did in the past, I just want our future

I forgot about the other guys and the "I'm too busy" excuses

I just want our future to come true as I want it to be true

And I know I'm saying a lot of I's, but I have to

I's for the "I'm Sorrys", for the "I promises", for the "I love yous"

And I don't care about my grammar right now, so don't look,

They say love can make you say crazy things, so grammar doesn't matter.

I just want to say that I need you in my life.

I don't care about any other girl, except my girl Kayla, sorry

I told you already, and I'll say it again, to me, you're a Rida,

But you don't know what I mean when I say it.

It means no matter what happens, I know you're with me

When times get hard, you'll be by my side to the end

And when I'm down, you'll be there to pick me up