Missed Impressions

Black out and concussions, small head aches

Busted bloody lips, they were chapped

Strained neck, use some Tylenol

Two surgeries needed for shoulders, massage necessary

Heart problems, have a better diet

Multiple wrist injuries; shake it off

Rib injuries; rub them down

Back problems, another massage necessary

Multiple hip injuries, just lay down

Extreme ankle injuries; walk it off

I do this for the spot light

To be able to say I'm the best athlete on that field

Having so many kids looking up to me

The ladies all wanting me for whatever reason

And every guy in training wanting to be the next me
But no one ever can see the struggle

And no one but me can feel the pain

Men are to be men, so no emotions can be shown

Crying, complaining, not aggressive enough, feminine

The pressure to be the best ever

The pressure of being a male athlete

The damage it does to know you can never be normal