Now You Tell?

We walked, talked, and shared some laughs

Thought you were having fun, not fun with me

You showed me nothing, what was I suppose to see

My hints thrown at you, here and there

But you wait for now to say you like me

Had weeks and months, but let those go by

Time we could have been spending together

Even sending a friend to say it to me

Guess you were too scared for the job

The main question now is: why you waited?

Waited to say how you felt for me

To say you laughed at my jokes, not because they were funny

To say you looked at me because you liked what you saw

That you held my arm not because you were cold

I think you did more than just froze

I can't change anything right now

And I don't want to change anything right now

Don't want you again, and won't change my mind

If I wanted to be mean, I'd feed you your own lines

You're telling me now, but it's a waste of time