A Woman's Essence Can Speak
It's the way they walk and talk

It's the smile that lights a room

And the way their body moves through the air

Straight perfection in good times and bad

Even the crazy hood gool with the knife

It's the way they make my hair stand up

The way my heart starts beating faster

I'm sitting down, but a part of me is standing up

Bumped into her, and none of it was luck

Their essence can call out to me

Never seen two women with the same exact body

Even twins come out and grow up different

Some essence can't speak from the body

And there are those that only speak from the soul

No one can paint like an angry woman

No man can call or order the attention she can

Attract the opposite sex when he's mad

Or even know what's going to happen before it does

Some essence tell lies, some the truth

Doesn't matter, as long as it speaks to me