It's Adding Up
At first, it was the environment and events

It made me grow up fast and want success

My desire to succeed made me the best

Done with one or two goals, but so much left

More obligations came from what was next

Hated seminars, boring they all were

Who would even know, they have some worth

Scholarship never came, but I never broke down

Though the events that happened made me this

Encouragement and applauds, I could have missed

Never met her before, but this woman said she loves me

One after the other, calling me a leader

This adds on to my obligations from before

Encouragement and destiny, never seen in a store

It's adding up, and the pressure adds a new door

Too high up, only God can stop me

A guy driving in a benz, but it's not me

Through the riches I'll earn what was meant to be

A throne in this world, made for thee

Clouds cleared, so my destiny I see