Me Against The World (Part 2)

Only one soldier against a worldly army

Mad for a reason, I was done wrong

Odds against me, wont live very long

I saw it before, but never really realized

It's me against the world, how can I survive

Statistics say I'm gonna die soon

Enemies say they wont let me live

I can't go on without any help

And sometimes I think my God is against me

So many things going wrong, so I cant do it

Make it in a world that hates me

Can't turn a corner without a bullet coming

Watch my own back, so I cant be crossed

Throw down every time, so I can't be soft

But it's all gonna add up and come at me

Said it a hundred times, now it's one-on-one

Real niggaz don't die, I'll prove it true

Died at birth, so now I got nothing to do

Got nothing in the first place, so nothing to lose

Died so many times, but that you already knew