Wishing Death On Me
Comes from hood niggaz as well as ex-homies

Just planning to leave my mother lonely

From the niggaz I got beef with

Then from those who do nothing but envy

God save me, they wish death upon me

Some only want me not to succeed

Not to make an everlasting name

They pray for my death, so it's all the same

Want to stop me, but don't want to endure the pain

God save me, they wishing death on me

A lot would kill me to be in my shoes

Could tell from their wishes, that's what they want to do

Always tried to mark me, thought I had no clue

All eyes on me, so you know I'm screwed

God save me, my demise is at hand

As I have no strategy, they all make plans

About to go to the crossroads, but no legs to stand

I know it's already coming, so I shouldn't give a damn

On God's list to save, but not top five

They wish death on me, so I need him to survive