Our First Kiss
I had rushed it a bit; try to speed the process

We didn't love each other, just thought how good the sex would be

You thought I was cute and you liked the abs I had

I thought you were sexy and had a nice body

But now I regret doing that so fast

The kiss you remember happened later

A warm Friday night, and we had been taking a stroll

I had asked, and at first you said no

I said it was mean, you said it was a joke

Not the big bang, but damn it was close

Proud now, cause your soft sexy lips, I kissed them

And I haven't seen you for a while, so I missed them

Even though our first was a peck

Even though it wasn't romantic

I will never forget that day

Angels were flying, and birds were singing

Volcanoes erupted, and roses had bloomed

Can't even believe it ended so soon

Not a soundtrack, but I had my own tune

Normal to me now, but the shit you would do