Ever Wonder Why?

Only got a one track mind

He got the paper so you're gettin' paid

Money keeps coming, so now he's your type

Slide off when he wants; think he'll pay you good

But you wonder why they call you a slut

Every other night it's a new man

Friend ask you to stop, but knew you would say no

Then go off and cry in his new home

Just kept asking why the world was so cold

Are you still wondering?

Ass for cash, so now you're having fun

Don't care where it puts you in the long run

Never worked a day in your life, said it's ok

Thought it was an ok turnout, you were a runaway

You're not thinking hard enough

Happened once, then let it happen again

No cares as long as the money had no end

When you thought easy and fast, you thought money

He thought easy and fast, he was thinking about you

We all know the answer, it's inside of you