Too Late To Win
Slacked off, and took it easy

Crazy, because I didn't believe me

Saw what I was suppose to see

Only, it's not meant to be

Died inside, didn't get what I need

Just walking was far from runnin'

Mad because I didn't see it coming

Didn't effect them, so it means nothin'

Was my fault, so can't say a word

Had to believe the things I heard

Winning is not an option, maybe never was

Didn't even care for the shit that I love

Got no chance, cause my actions were none

Would be a lie if I said it was fun

Though telling the truth, I did have some

Got a call, and what a surprise in many ways

Have her in my life, so I have it made

Didn't think I could come out on top

Now I'm winning and can't let it stop

Just never too late to win