Completed: April 14, 2006 17:48 p.m.

A/N: And yet again, another unfinished one-shot brought to life (or at least zombiehood) and presented to the public. This one is extremely short. And let's leave it that way.

A pair of string-bean green eyes framed by a chunk of pumpkin orange hair peered over a vanilla T-shirt-covered shoulder.

"That's sick." A butter-soft voice proclaimed, full of blunt innocence that should've been lost ages ago, due to the obvious age of this young man.

A perfectly sculpted dark chocolate eyebrow raised.

"Is not." The other boy/man stated defiantly, dark brown eyes flashing, the exact color of molasses, even though his gaze/attention was still mostly glued to the unwrapped objects in his sticky palms.

Look at me, dammit.

"Is too. You'll get sick." Manicured nails (glossed over with light cotton candy pink nail polish) and spa-treated palms automatically latched onto the firm shoulder that was slightly hunched from the sharp bite (I'd say chomp) of the air conditioner.

A pause.

"So you say." Fingers, smudged with all the colors of the rainbow continued flinging the brightly colored jellybeans through his slightly cracked lips that were covered with a thin sheen of sugary sweetness.

He didn't notice the twitch in the other's lips, the dusky rose turning into light coral from amusement. However, the feminine hands slowly made their way up the cappuccino-tinted skin to the straight mahogany hair brushing slightly over his shoulders.

No one should be allowed to have hair that soft.

"It was because I was caught in the rain, you dork." The pinkish nails, with barely visible flowery designs, began combing back the uneven fringe that was falling into the other's eyes. No one wanted the deep, murky pools of the finest dark chocolate to be obscured from public view.

There was his trademark pause, where one would be able to hear his muttered thoughts if you concentrated long enough on the buzzing silence.

"You had more candy."