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(Warning: This story contains strong language)

Michael's POV

Hate. Both the bitter story and centre of my whole entire god dammed stupid life. Pathetic isn't it?

The saddest thing is that I live for her, for her smile, voice and that unbelievably lush body of hers, not so thin it looks like she's starved herself, yet curvaceous enough to make every girl want to be her and every lad want to hold her. Her gorgeous deep red hair, which always seems to sit so elegantly but effortlessly on her shoulders, that naturally curls slightly. Her eyes, those bight emerald eyes, always sparkling with so much passion, or in my case, hate.

Yet, fact is nothing makes her happier than Fridays. Because against her will, of course, I stay after school in main entrance every day waiting for her, so I can say goodbye to my one true love and all. But whatever because she hates me.

She's always there, she walks home with Ricky who's always late. Prick. I'd never keep her waiting. Oh yes she loves Friday afternoons because she knows following that night lay two completely Michael free days. Something of which she loves to boast about to me every bloody Friday when I say my goodbyes.

Days Monday through Thursday she generally just settles for screaming blue murder at me. Bitch. But I don't give up, I'll always meet her there, not that she even knows I'm alive, well alright technically she does because she hates me. You get the point.

She's smart and funny, and amazing, and gorgeous and kind and wicked and unpredictable and fun and one day I swear Addison Smith will be mine. Ever since the first day of school, where admittedly she had reason to be slightly annoyed at me - not that I meant to push her over, has she hated me... But holding a grudge for this long? Gheesh! Honestly I'm not as arrogant, selfish or annoying as she thinks I am.

And now it's the start of a new year and in turn my last chance to get her. I've been saying it without fail since I first met her, even with all of my relationships on the go. What? You cant expect me to not go out with anyone just because she hates me can you?

James thinks that's what pisses her off so much, and to be honest I don't care because I love the fucking bitch and while I'm still working round the minor yet not unsolvable problem of her hating my guts I'm going have to settle. However I don't settle easily if its not Addy its just not good enough.

Therefore I've decided to change tactics, not who I am, just tactics. See I'm one of those lucky people who messes around no end and gets top grades - something else, which pisses her off to no end, see she actually has to work for her brains. Poor thing. See the plan is, or James's plan is, to let her see that I'm not just about messing around. That means no more throwing stuff at her in class anymore. Okay well maybe sometimes… Get the whole 'Micael-is-a-self-absorbed-prat' theory out her head basically. Wish me luck. Not that I need it or anything, because it will work.