Hello Stranger

So I know a lot of people do this. Personally, I've always thought it's a strange way of putting yourself out there, although it is pretty funny. So maybe I'm being slightly facetious in what I'm about to do. Or maybe, just maybe, there's some degree of truth to it all. But hey, if you're reading this…Who knows, so here goes:

Again. Hello stranger.

We haven't met yet, it's true, and this may seem dangerously close to a desperate appeal from a fervent and overzealous teenage girl. Perhaps it is. But please wait a while, and give me a chance to pull through.

Because even though we're possibly on alternate hemispheres right now, and there seven billion people in the world and counting…

Well...I believe in miracles.

So there's one thing you know about me. You should probably also know that I'm a bit of a loner, and I am addicted to cappuccinos and dogs. So when we're celebrating our first anniversary of having found each other, you can get me another pug.

I really don't like lizards and/or frogs, and when you get to know me a bit better, you'll understand why. But you'll only find out why after you tell me why you're a) scared of the dark, b) get uncomfortable when other guys touch you, c) are afraid of clowns or d) all of the above.

And I'll know you have something to fear, because if you don't, we'll never meet, on account of you being possibly subhuman because you don't have a fear.

So let me list a few things we'll probably have in common, like how I am passionate about the arts and freedom of thought. Or how I like winter more than spring because the cold makes me appreciate the warmth of a real bed more. Or how I like watching action comedies, and not just 'cuz they're such a hit with the guys either.

I like sports and cars, but love books and hiking more. And I will understand when you'll want to watch soccer with your chums from time to time, but you'll be sorry if you break your promise and don't call after the game just to say goodnight.

You can be weird, that's alright. You can have your vices and habits. In fact, you'll probably have to have quite a few if we're going to balance each other out.

I warn you that I'll be a lot to handle sometimes, and I get emotionally damaged from true-life stories and other sappy things. But I can be strong if you ask me to be, in those times to come when we'll be separated.

Because there will be times when we'll be separated, (either physically or mentally).

But it will never, ever, be permanent, (spiritually).

And when we get mad, I'll tend to say a lot of things, but understand that I mean it when I say now that I won't mean it then. And we'll make a rule never to drag in the names of former flames just to make each other mad, because that will be just pointless.

I hope you'll know what being a gentleman means, but then again, most people don't really know what they are at heart.

And you'll have a heart.

Actually, you'll have two.

'Cuz you'll also have mine.

I don't really know what to add. Filling this out like a CV form will never make up for the mass of things we'll find out about each other once we meet. And that will be a good thing, 'Cuz I'll be surprising once in a while.

I have my moments.

Hopefully, you'll be there soon to share them with me.

See you later.

Affectionately yours,