Rarely do we see bumper stickers that say "Proud to be a Hypocrite" but quite often there are bumper stickers that read "Proud to be an American." America really isn't a big Melting Pot, or the Land of the Free. America is shackled by it's own discrimination and racist people.

Our generation can help to break the shackles. How you ask? Starting out here in our small community of UA, we can join all of our knowledge of discrimination and racism, and find ways to end what exists here in UA, then work on getting rid of it everywhere else. For example, we could welcome more African Americans, or even other ethnic groups here to UA. Expanding the International Day Program to the general public. While yes, it would be a slow work in progress; it would be worth it all in the end. Joining all of our forces, to in the end to work towards better peace everywhere, in not only the United States of America, but also the world. World Peace seems like a stretch but with enough people helping out, we can achieve it.

America is shackled now through racism and discrimination, we today can break the chains and eventually develop peace. The bumper stickers that so many people do have, that read "Proud to be an American" can actually hold truth, and so there won't be a mass production of "Proud to be a Hypocrite" bumper sticker. Evanescence lyrics to "Everybody's Fool" fit America's actions when it comes to discrimination and racism. "Perfect by natureIcons of self indulgenceJust what we all needmore lies about a world thatnever was and never will be…" "…You don't know how you've betrayed meAnd somehow you've got everybody fooled …"

Though this task is easier said than done, it is possible for it to work. To put this into action, people here need to actually figure out what's more important. True Americanism, or being so separated when the ideals of the Declaration of Independence are put to waste. Some Americans would tell us that America is following the Declaration of Independence ideals, but are we really? Discrimination against people for some things they have no control over, for example the African Americans.

African Americans, amongst many other minority groups, and other ethnic groups, have been suppressed. Take for example the war in Iraq, would we even be there if it weren't for 9-11? Or if they didn't have oil which is so precious to us Americans today?

America, a nation full of hypocrisy. When so many ideals are not filled out to their full potential. With so many nations and countries try to take after America for its opportunity, creating more opportunity in America, and then leading to a chain reaction of opportunity in the world. It starts with one community in one state, for the others to follow suit. Ending racism and discrimination can make "Proud to be an American" bumper stickers hold truth.

A/N: Please don't take this the wrong way, but this was an article I wrote for the school magazine, and it doubled as an assignment for my American Studies class. We just got done reading the book Black Like Me by John Howard Griffin for class, and we had to write a paper/story/article on racism. I changed the name of my little town so it's more for privacy reasons. I know its a bit confusing but some day I'll try to re-write it so it's not so confusing or hurtful...Please, any constructive critique is welcome. I'm not interested in flames, but if you feel the need to do so, do it.