Heartbreak Hotel
Everyone has been there at one point or another

It just happens to be the spot for broken up lovers

Together, black women screaming, "where all the good men"!

So many women are sitting up in this hotel

All of them were crying, so you know black men failed
Crying outside for the good times they wont have again

And mourning inside for the troubled times she'll miss

How can they ever love again, in a world like this?

Don't know exactly how they feel, but I can see the pain

But its not only women that heartbreaks were made

What about the men that let their hair grow and wear sweat pants

Won't even go outside cause the sunny days burn

Change his whole life cause the lesson he learned

Always happened to men too, not just tabled being turned

And I know how it feels also; I was once burned

It's the suicidal thoughts you would like to carry out

The crying inside that all your feelings could see

It's the torment of regrets that have clouded the mind

Or even the feelings of being lost and not knowing what to do

As heartbreaks go on, the hotel shall stay true