Slow Hours, Fast Days
I can't be the only one to see it

The hours go so slow when we're together

And yet so fast when we're apart

So I end up missing you in the end

And what am I to do when I cant see you?

New movie playing, but you're no where to be found

So not going, no other girl to put my arm around

Wouldn't cheat, but you make me want to

Took advantage of my love, you know I want you

So many things in my mind, but none to taunt you

With all the problems and all the issues we have

I miss you right after you leave me

And I know your crying when you drive off

I don't see you enough and it hurts us both

Chance for someone else to receive our passion

Until the next time, my days go by so quick

But the hours would go on another pace

Only time can tell how the clock tick