The X Factor
Met in the seventh grade, and here since

Got love for her, but then it was lust

It was her cool-aid smile, always a must

Body was crazy; guys talked of her much

And it wasn't puppy love or even a crush

Five years later and our feelings have changed

The look is different, but our eyes are the same

I did things I could never be proud of

And she would say some mean things sometimes

But happy now for the way it turned out

Couldn't win at all, but she's still cool

See her now and again, but whatever I see is all new

Presents herself different and her words would change

Light bulb smile, yet with a worldly range

Her words are crazy, plus the things she does are just strange

A Puerto Rican midget and a Jamaican that hates

But our relationship, on any scale, perfect you'd rate

Never though about it before, but a standout on my list

Never thought of our no sex relationship with such bliss

Got too much love for her to change, in a world like this

Special Person in my life, and that won't stop

In our fifties and we still hanging out

A permanent friendship, I'll have no doubts

Two different people, but the love is still there

An X factor, two feet tall, but never scared