You're Losing Me
I'm losing you, but won't stop it from going down

Was swimming in a baby pool, but started to drown

Love you in my heart, but let some of it get out

Can't come to a conclusion, what's all this about

Us ending up together, that, we never had a doubt

Who knows who fault it was, it could have been both of us

Going six months strong, and we never had a fuss

See her commitment issues now, and it paused my trust

And I know we had feelings, so it wasn't only lust

I do need her in my life, and yes it's a must

From here to Mt. Olympus, all I need is your love

Told you the first time, You, I would put no one above

I tried to put the glue on, but you kept letting go

Nothing is sticking, so we are breaking up slow

Scared the next man would come in, and your heart he would tow

Knew something would come, just not at all this

But cant live without you, you, I know I would miss

From the stupid games to our clumsy acts

Yet we are falling apart, and I know it's a fact

We are declining now, but never met our max

Don't know why you're unhappy; so don't know what to do

Thought it was a lie, but maybe what sonny said was true

Only get three great ones, yet I only had two

You would pass any test, so I was never to be blue

How can you not love someone whose love was always on cue?

People thought we were parting in college, even family did

But I never thought of it, only think of the kids

Really started in the winter, but you kept me warm

Now dying in the spring; thought we would survive the storm

Your losing me now, both our hearts to be torn