Reanna's mom pulled up my house, took one look, and asked if I'd like to eat dinner at their house tonight. "No thank you Mrs. Keller," I said politely, forcing a smile. She continued to stare at all the cars in the driveway and people on the porch that were puking into our hedges being so drunk. The sun was setting, and lights shown through every window in the house. I opened the car door and stepped out. "Thanks for having me," I said, slinging my backpack over my shoulder, and headed towards the house before she could protest.

I jogged up the steps to the front porch, carefully avoiding the spots of throw-up. I stepped onto the porch, pushed open the screen door, and stepped into a whole other world. Inside the house, I found mob of drunken twenty year olds and a smoke filled house. I pushed my way through the crowded room, but my lungs wouldn't allow me to do so for more than twenty seconds. Having to keep exhaling and inhaling so deeply was making me feel lightheaded, and causing my head to spin faster. I stumbled through the throng of twenty year olds and made my way to the stairs. The bass was turned way up, and I could feel my head pounding and eardrums vibrating along in sync of the blasting rap music. I reached the stairwell and weaved in and out of couples leaning against the banister, exchanging saliva.

When I reached the top of the stairs, I groaned, my head was throbbing, and I needed to lie down. I approached my bedroom door and kneeled down in front of it. I pulled my necklace out of my shirt, and used the key tied onto it to unlock my door. I normally didn't keep my door locked, but I knew that there was going to be a party tonight, so I had locked it to prevent couples sneaking in to screw each other on my bed. It had happened once before, so my cousin had a lock built into my door. I stepped into my room and threw my backpack onto my unmade bed. I had a fairly decent sized room. Old wooden floors, and plaster walls lined with various posters and framed photography. The furniture consisted of a twin sized bed, and a matching wooden desk and dresser. There was also a small futon on the far left side of the room, positioned right along side the picture window. To the right of the futon sat a small, beat-down bookshelf, stuffed with my grandmother's Bible, various books passed down to me by my sister and cousin, and a couple photo albums. I started to turn around, as I was planning to venture back downstairs and try and locate either my sister or cousin, so that I could let them know I was home. I stopped in mid turn though, and stared at my reflection in the mirror. I narrowed my light blue eyes, and looked myself over. Strands of light brown hair were sticking up all over on my head, refusing to be stay tucked into my ponytail. I sighed and ran my hand over my head in attempt to flatten them, which helped a bit. I finally looked away, and headed back out into the hallway. Rather than heading directly back downstairs, I turned to the left and headed down the hallway towards the room my sister and cousin shared. Since there were only two bedrooms, my cousins, Miché and Fiona had to share a room though. I don't think they minded too much though. Fiona was the oldest at twenty-four years old, and Miché followed closely behind at twenty-two.

I found their bedroom door ajar, and cautiously poked my head in. To my surprise, I found Miché kneeling in front of her dresser, rummaging through one of the drawers. I pushed the door open farther, and it creaked. Amazingly, above the music, Miché heard it, and glanced at the doorway. "Hey sweetie," she said, looking back down into the drawer. "You just get here?" "Yeah," I replied, walking over to her. "Awesome. Hope it wasn't too hard getting through the house," she said, laughing. "Things are getting a bit crazy down there." "Nah," I said casually, kneeling down next to her. "What're you looking for?" I asked, looking down into the cluttered drawer. "Just an old photo album from my freshman year of college," she replied, tucking a strand of her short auburn air behind her ear. I didn't say anything, and continued to watch her hands work through the various pieces of junk and notebooks which filled the drawer to the rim. "Ahah!" she said suddenly, and pulling out a small, leather-bound photo album. "Found it!" she exclaimed, grinning at me, her brown eyes shining. "Well, kiddo, looks like it's time for me to go back downstairs," she said, standing up. "Okay," I replied, standing up too. "I expect this thing will go on through the night, so when you get hungry for dinner, don't hesitate to come find me or your sister, we're ordering pizza. And of course, you're more than welcome to come down and join all of us." "I'll keep that in mind," I said, and watched as she sprinted out of the room.