When did I become so predictable? When did things get to the point where you could map out my every move so that you could take advantage of me time and time again?

It's not that I can blame you or anything…because I can't. I was such an easy target. From as early as the age of eight, my friends always made fun of me for being gullible. I was always the subject of their tricks, just as I was the subject of your lies. At least, with you, I could always catch and suppress the stories before they could consume me.

But then again, by the time I caught onto you, it was too late. The manipulation had already taken place. I had already been brainwashed. I had already betrayed somebody of true importance to me. I had already lost myself again.

Time after time I swore I wouldn't fall for it the next time around. But just like a puppet master, you were able to find your way into my mind and control me again. The strings had been planted from the start, now all you had to do was go in and yank on them every time you needed something. And just like that, I'd respond – and you'd get what you want.

It took endless blurry days until I was able to live again. But even then, things weren't quite right. The storm had cleared, but the damage had still been done. The scars were still there.

It took me awhile, but I finally came to understand – You can't trust everybody you meet…no matter how warm their smile. Because in the end, the last person you'd think to backstab you, will be the one sneaking up behind you with the knife.