"Of Questions"

Is Heaven filled with crystal stars?

Is there more to us than who we are?

Are we the only ones who are afraid?

Or do others wish they could've stayed?

Where is the place the angels sleep?

Is there nothing for us but to weep?

Or could it be that morning's light

Is all it takes to heal the night?

Does everyone have a secret fear?

Is there more to love than streaming tears?

Is the moon as frigid as it seems?

Are we all afraid to hope in dreams?

And could it be that deep inside,

We all have faults we wish to hide?

What is the sound of silence broken?

Why do our hearts remain unspoken?

Are we waiting just to see,

If there's more than this uncertainty?

April 8, 2006

Author's Note: I've always liked the idea of a poem composed entirely of questions, and it wasn't until recently that I decided to attempt it. Again, this poem has been long in the process of writing, but more because of my long hiatus between inspirations than continuous work. I rather like how this poem turned out, although the rhythm is more relaxed than I usually allow it to be. You may be seeing revisions in the future. Reviews are very much appreciated.