That ADHD kid

Has become nothingness

With his meds so highly dosed

Just another emo

Don't care bout what the world thinks

Listen to punk rock and metal

Wearing black all day

Give him something to live for

But what about that night?

I saw him for real

Dancing in the stars

Laughing like he never does

Why can't I get close?

Why does he have to sigh?

Why can't he see God?

Like my prayers aren't enough

I've just tried for so long

I love him

But not like that

So much deeper

Like Jesus

Can't get near

Can't even think

What do I do when nothing happens?

I wish, I wish, I just wish

It's not enough

But…I know somewhere

In there

Is his soul I saw that night

Beautiful, crazy, wonderful

Wish I could go there

Someday, Someday