by, Cassandra

I'm tired of being strong
Tired of being leaned on
You always turn to me
Expect me to solve your problem
Or at least make you feel better
But I can't make your life better
When mine is in pieces
Shattered on the ground
I need to take a stand
I'm rebelling against you
Against your hold, your anger
I don't really care at this point
If you're broken on the ground
I need to find myself, the girl I am
Somewhere deep inside, hiding from sight
Refusing to be found, to be pushed around again
You broke me with your words
You screwed me with your anger
I'm lost in this world, don't know where to go
I was so busy living for you, I didn't live for me
So breakdown all you want, throw a fit, act immature
I'm not picking you up anymore…