Everyone Says Goodbye

By Storm December

Disclaimer: This is MINE do NOT use without MY permission!

He left one day, and didn't say goodbye.

Just packed up and moved, like no words could describe.

I came home that night, to an empty lullaby.

And cried a sweet sound, that brings a tear to the eye.


She left one day, and didn't say goodbye.

The car was gone, when I pulled into the drive.

Nothing left now, but a heart in two.

And a really sad song, to wash away the blues.


I saw them both again, the day they had pasted.

For goodbye is not a word, but a place of memory at best.

That's hidden away, deep down in your soul.

Where the darkness can find you, when you're all alone.


And all that's left now, is me and you.

You say you'll always be there, but you'll leave too.

'Cause you know as well as I do, when the clock unwinds.

I know in time, everyone says goodbye.