L'Oiseau De Feu

The Bird Of Fire

By Storm December

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Warning: This story has M/M relationships in it. Torture and violence. And probable some other things that I haven't thought of yet. So, yea just a general warning for everything.

Summery: December ran away from home when he was a child, and was taken in by someone unexpected. Just when he thought life was going really well, with a new love and all. His new life is taken away from him, and replaced with horrors the likes of which he has never seen.

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The Death Of Me

I was born December Jude Benton in New England at 2:30 A.M. on January 2, 1987. That seems like a lifetime ago, and in reality. I guess it was.

It was raining the day I ran away from home the first time, if you could call it that, it was actually my mother and "stepfather's" house. Homes are places where happy people live who are loved and cared for, not where terrified sleeping pill addicted mothers, courtesy of Him, and abusive stepfathers lived. I didn't want to leave her there, but I couldn't stay. Not after what happened.

He found me that day, the man I think of as my father. He took me home and cleaned me up, man I was a mess all bloody and bruised and skittish as all get out, but he did it anyway. He didn't ask me any questions, just found some clothes for me to wear and fed me. I hadn't eaten a meal in so long I had forgotten there ever was such a thing. I stayed with him for a couple of days, but then I went back. I just couldn't leave my mom. She was doing the best she could and I loved her too much to leave her to the hands of that bastard.

There're some things I should tell you about my mom, so you can understand what I mean when I say 'she was doing the best she could'.

My mother, Emily Tigerlily Benton, grew up in Boston, Massachusetts with parents who loved her the best they knew how. Now for most that wasn't good enough, but they were all each other had and for my mom, it was everything. They really didn't know what to do with her. She was kind of slow in the head, and she lived in this fairy tale fantasy world, and she thought her knight in shinning armor would come for her one day. But she was Beautiful, pale skin with fiery red hair, emerald green eyes with gold specs and, so I've been told, a body women would kill for.

She was fifteen when she met my father in school. He was the blond haired, ice blue to ocean blue eyed, depending on his mood, body to die for senior and captain of the varsity football team and the hottest guy in school, at least I have good breeding, and she thought he was the one. When she got pregnant it was a drunken "accident" on his part, like he didn't mean to sleep with her or something, and he wanted her to get rid of me. But she thought it was romantic, like I was a love child or something, please. So a month later he graduated and went off to college in California to fulfill his dreams, while she was stuck in Massachusetts with some pissed off parents. They were not going to let their "retarded" daughter and her "bastard" child live under their roof period. So, she left. She was on the streets alone and pregnant for six months, goodness knows how we survived.

She was sixteen when she met my "stepfather", James Keeton, with light brown eyes, dirty blond hair and tanned skin, and she thought he was the one. He saw someone he could control and sleep with every night and figured he could deal with a brat kid until it was old enough to be shipped of to boarding school. Well, it didn't turn out the way either one of them thought it would.

I always thought my mother was crazy, some of the things she said and did were beyond me. Like when she told me she figured her knight in shinning armor had somehow died trying to find her and thought it would be romantic if she "left it all" to be with him on the other side. Yea, like life was so great now and she'd be giving up so much. See shit like that is beyond me, probable beyond most, but I loved her.

So, I went back. Three months later she OD'd on sleeping pills and muscle relaxants. It was deemed a suicide. I guess she didn't love me enough not to leave me to that bastard. Not surprising though. I knew she always blamed me for her parents not wanting her, as if I asked to be here. After all they were all each other had, her more than them I guess, and for my mom it was everything. And though she never said it out loud, I knew.

Things got a whole hell of a lot worst when she died. My "stepfather" would say that it was my fault she killed herself and that I needed to be taut a lesson to justify the things he did to me. Although I never understood that because he never needed a justification before, he just did them. But, I guess it was just 'cause he was crazy too. He started doing the things he did to me the day I ran away all the time after she died. After a while I realized I had no reason to stay there any more and I ran away again. The sun was shinning that day. I went back to the man who found me that rainy day, I was six, and he raised me and taught me everything he knew and then some. Now my name is December Jude 'Phoenix' Papamosheo, I am eighteen years old, and one of the deadliest people alive.

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