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Chapter VI:

Betrayal Of The Son

I was on my feet with one gun pointed at Mickey and another pointed at Luciano before the shot from Mickey's gun had finished firing. Sunshine and Sonny had their guns trained on the others that Mickey had brought with him. But still, in the room at least, we were out numbered. Non were worried though we could take them rather easily if need be. Aether was still sitting in his seat actually, he sighed resignedly shook his head and stood up in one fluid motion and turned to face the adversaries in the room. 'Matty' started wailing and 'Bastion' was still holding him pressing himself into a corner of the room just staring at his father as he lay bleeding on his desk, killed by his own son. I heard shots being fired somewhere in the house before I saw Jesse, one of our guards, running up the hall through the open door with many others right behind him. I was willing to bet that there were many of Luciano's guards on their heels as well. I was curious to know where Mr. Fabrotsy's guards were though, but figured Mickey had something to do with that.

"Well done Mickey. I didn't think you had it in you," Luciano said looking at Aether. And Aether was looking right back.

"Thanks," Mickey said as coldly as I've ever heard him speak. "And shut that brat up before I shut him up for you," he said turning to look at 'Bastion' and pointing his gun at 'Matty'.

'Bastion' looked at him with eyes icier than I ever thought him capable of. He opened a door to the side of him, which turned out to be a closet, turned on the light and sat 'Matty' down with his blanket and stuffed tiger, with eyes softened he gave him a kiss and told him not to move until he came for him. He then shut the door stood up and turned back to Mickey, who had his gun pointed at 'Bastion' now, with his ice glare back in place. I gritted my teeth to keep myself from shooting Mickey in the head right now, and watched as 'Bastion' started walking towards him.

"If you're going to shoot me Mickey, than I advise you to do it now," 'Bastion' said in a cold monotone voice that I've haven't heard from him before, and thankful for it too. And to my surprise, though I guess not really so surprising if you heard his voice, Mickey was looking, well, nervous.

"Because lest we forget dear brother," he said in that same voice, never taking his eyes off of Mickey. And almost quicker than the eye could catch he twisted Mickey's gun arm behind his back and had him on his hand and knees with the gun in his hand and pointed at Mickey's head in one fluid motion. I was proud, shocked, but proud.

"I had the same training as you," 'Bastion' finished the last of his sentence in Mickey's ear.

"And if you ever in your life, how ever long that may be, pull a gun on 'Matty' again. I will kill you myself," he said. Then to my complete and utter astonishment, he twisted Mickey's arm even farther. I heard his shoulder pop out of socket, among other thing, even over Mickey's screams to where his right hand was laying on his right shoulder-blade behind his back. 'Bastion' then shot said hand. The bullet went through his hand and out the front of his shoulder and imbedded itself into the floor. Then he dropped Mickey, who was sobbing by know, to the floor and stood up.

"I think I recruited the wrong brother," Luciano said with a leering quality to his voice and eyes that I didn't much like the look of.

"You wish," 'Bastion' sneered at him.

"We shall see," Luciano said with a knowing smug smile then looked at me and winked. I was two seconds away from shooting him dead in that bloody smug smile of his when Aether stepped in font of me blocking my shot. Damn it to hell.

"Well I guess we know who the new guy, with the reputation for being trigger happy is." Aether sighed, "Are we done here or do you really want to do this now," he asked sounding board. I stepped out from behind him, 'cause if any bullets were going to be flying, non-were going to be hitting him. I also tried to pull 'Bastion' near me, but he wouldn't budge from standing in front of the closet and then I remembered 'Matty' was there, and let him be.

"This is your last chance Aether, join me now, because after today there's no going back," Luciano said and actually looked smug like he had won.

"Travis, would you ask Tyler to bring the car around please. 'Bastion' get 'Matty' and lets go," Aether said over Luciano's shoulder and I couldn't hide the smirk of satisfaction at seeing Luciano's face go red at being ignored.

"You will fall Aether, and when that day comes you'll find me dancing over the rubble," he sneered with a crazed look in his eyes. "And don't worry 'Phoenix' I'll keep your 'Bastion' entertained for you. I'm sure we can find lots of thing to do with our selves," he said leering again at 'Bastion' as he dropped Mickey's gun and bent down to pick up 'Matty'.

"That's exactly how you'll be doing it, with your self you nasty fuck," 'Bastion' said glaring all hell at him. I just kept smirking. I'd kill him eventually and you can bet it'll be before he gets his hands on 'Bastion'. Luciano left with one of his guards carrying Mickey out. A few minutes latter as we were heading to the door Jesse came running up looking worried.

"Boss we got a problem someone tipped off the cops we gotta go now," Jesse said out of breath, as he started trying to hustle us out of the manor.

"They're almost here," someone said over the two-way radio phone in Jesse's hand.

"There's too many of us and not enough time. I got an idea you guys go and take all of this," I said handing all of my weapons to Aether. "'Bastion', you and 'Matty' stay with me. We'll tell them we came to pick up 'Matty' and your father was in a meeting with some men we didn't know nor get a good look at and they killed him. You were able to shoot one and scare them off, which will explain the blood, gun, bullet in the floor, and gunpowder on your hands. Aether I may be calling you for bail if this doesn't work, but hopefully it does and I won't." Aether tried to speak.

"Don't, I'll be fine and we don't have time to argue about this," I said cutting him off. Aether just stared at me for a second before Jesse started moving him towards, and out of the door.

"Some how, I don't think this is going to work," 'Bastion' said looking me in the eyes. I had a feeling he was right.

"Yea, well, I needed to get Aether out of here. And besides, we don't have any weapons on us so they can't do too much." I said with a confidence I didn't necessarily feel. The cops showed up not five minutes after Aether and the guards left. They'd just barely made it out.

Five squad cars pulled up into the drive way in front of 'Bastion' and I. Three black and whites and two undercover cars, one black which was in the lead and the other dark blue which was right behind the first. After they parked a tall rather well built nicely dressed man with short dark brown almost black hair and sunglasses on stepped out of the black car on the driver side and a tall man looking much the same as his partner but with honey dirty blond hair stepped out of the passenger side. They look around for a minute taking in their surroundings before approaching us.

"Hi, I'm Captain Michel and this is Sergeant Filler. We got a call about a disturbance here. Some people said they heard gunfire. You two wouldn't happen to know anything about that would you?" Captain Michel asked patronizingly taking his glasses off along with his partner. He a weird glint in his eye and his partner had an off look as well. I was starting to feel like we were left out of the loop about a joke we're part of. His question sounded more like a formality, than him really being interested in what happened.

Never the less we told them the story I came up with deviating as little as possible from the truth to make it easier to remember, and more likely to hold up during questioning. But I still had that nagging feeling 'Bastion' and I were missing something.

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