It was a red light

And you were probably laughing

Like you used to

Teasing me through the pouring rain

As we drove through town

And you told me I was beautiful

Despite my smudged makeup

My phone rang

And it was her voice crying

Repeating your name over again

And I didn't catch the rest

But I heard the word


And I found this whisper inside my head

Now there's nothing here but

A bunch of old pictures that I pulled from the bottom

Of my drawer

And an old sweatshirt that you gave me

To piss him off

But it doesn't matter anymore

It was a red light

And you had flowers for your Mama

Sitting in the backseat

Where we cried together

About boys that left us

And people who betrayed

It was a red light

And they were playing a good song

You were smiling

Like a king

And singing along

Screeching brakes

And now I'm crying to the mirror

Convincing myself that you're gone for good

I don't understand how it can be true

I mean it was just last night

That I talked to you

But it must be

Because she calls almost every day

With news about the funeral and asking me what she

Should say

They asked her to say a few words

And she can't seem to do anything but


And I don't know what to tell her

She just keeps on asking "why?"

I tried asking for answers

But no one seems to have the time

And so I just sit and stare into the black

I feel like I am losing my mind

I can hear you crying

Like that night on our hill

And it's tearing me inside

Just knowing you were…killed

So tell me what to do

Or how to be strong

It was just a red light, Andy

And they were playing a good song.