Quietly now.
Inaudible now.
She's going.
"I hope that the weather is perfect on the day that you die," they say.
She hoped so too.
Humidity hangs in the air.
All windows open.
Nothing but the sun.
It's beautiful.
A slit here and there.
Swallow the caplets.
Cock, aim, and shoot.
Breathe again.
Breathe deeply.
Breathe in until her lungs are filled with water.
Maybe it was her destiny.
Or maybe it was just her choice.
Either way her existence
Penetrated by the cold air
Gone now...
She couldn't do it, even though she promised.
Six feet under, is her only home now.
They told her she could be free.
But now she's left to be plagued by her thoughts.
She's gone now.
She doensn't feel anymore.
He says he's sure she's happy.
But the others worry.
You pushed her to the edge.
She hopes you're happy now.