To Shushan

You call me often on the phone

Reminding me gently I'm not alone

You always make me laugh and smile

Even though we're separated by many miles

You're a wonderful friend and this is true

I'm lucky to be blessed by such a friend as you

I'm glad God sent you into my life

I'm sure our friendship can conquer all strife

Whatever will come down the road

I'll be glad to help you carry your heavy load

I hope you'll be famous, hopefully soon

You'll make many an American girl swoon

Even if you're not you're special in my eyes

A man with a pure soul and very wise

I pray for you all the time

Hoping that you are well and fine

You've brought me such happiness

This causes me to feel blessed

You always make me grin, I must confess

So whether we meet tomorrow or down the road

Your friendship is so precious to hold.

April 14, 2006