Title: Why?

Author: Sierra

Rated: PG-13 for Brief, Strong Language

Summary: Told from the point of view of a soldier serving in Iraq . . .

A/N: As I write this, I just got done talking to my friend who got back in from a mission . . . and watched one of his friends be picked off by a sniper 900 meters away. I don't even know his name, because his family hasn't even been notified yet. We only have 4 weeks left in country.

04/03/08: I understand why people are protesting this war, I have plenty of doubts myself . . . all I ask is that as you protest, remember the people that are dying out there, and respect their memories. It's been almost exactly 2 years since I wrote this story and this man died, but I hope he-- and everyone else we lost --is remembered.


SSG Ryan S. Ostrom
SGT Brian E. Dunlap
GYSGT Darrell Boatman
SPC Timothy Brown
SSG Michael Parrott
SGT Joseph Terando
PFC John Dearing
SGT Spencer Akers
SPC Dane Carver
SPC Joshua Youmans
SSG Brock Beery
SSG Randy McCaulley
SGT Matthew Webber
SPC Mark Melcher



The only word going through my mind

As I saluted his framed picture

So young and handsome

So full of life and promise

So quickly taken away from us all . . .


Do you stand out there and shout

When we stand out here and die

You go on living

We go on dying

For you . . .


Am I standing here today

On the sands of foreign land

Under the scorching sun

Beneath sixty pounds of gear

And holding my friend's body in my arms?

For You . . .

But it's all right

Go on waving those signs

Chanting those rhymes

Pretending you fought for that right

Go on living your own lives

Turn off the TV and radio

When the word 'Iraq' is heard

We wouldn't want to disrupt your life

With news of ours

You block out the words

You don't want to hear

You take advantage

Of the ones you do

You twist the stories around

Every single day

We're the ones

Who know the real story

But who gives a fuck

What we have to say?


APRIL 15th, 2006