Ugly Laine

She was ugly, he didn't think so. She was pretty, but then he left. ONE SHOT

Ugly Laine

Laine was a very ugly girl.

But others didn't think so, they thought she was cute and skinny.

But Laine thought she was horrid looking and fat.

"You're so cute Laine!"

"Aww, she's blushing!"

"Laine, you would fit in my little sister's clothes huh?"



It wasn't until he came, that Laine felt so pretty.

"So you never did anything bad? Freaking goody goody."

He always teased her like that, and she always fought back.

Yeah, well...don't run to me when the police comes!


They were the strangest of pairs; the weirdest people to be friends with each other.

A party boy.

And a self conscious girl.

The two talked to each other every night on the Messanger.

What the two would talk about for six hours...was simply about nothing.

xxCRAzyboixx: Rock is better dumbass.

thtLAINEchick: Pshshaw, ppo is the way to go.

thtLAINEchick: Pop I mean.

xxCRAzyboixx: At least I can spell "rock".

thtLAINEchick: Shush.

At school, they always talked whenever they saw each other.

Laine and him were the meaning of "opposites attract".

Sure rumors went around that the two were dating...

...but they always remained as friends.

"Pop can kiss my ass!"

"SHUSH! You're just mad 'cause you can't rock out like pop!"

"Like I want to..."

"Hey! Let's do something this Saturday!"



"Uh huh."



"UGH! Whatever! What movie do you want to see?"



"Haha well-"


Nothing good lasts forever.

One day; out of nowhere...

He just stopped being to her.

"Hey, if you get this strike pop is better than rock okay?"


"Uhm, can I go over to your house so my mom can pick me up there?"


So then "Ugly Laine".

Felt so much more ugly than before.

"He doesn't hate you! He doesn'y hate anybody Laine!"

"He's annoyed at me! What did I do!"

"I'm telling you he's-"

Who was this person Laine talked to?

It was his new friend.

She was cute, pretty, and very out there with the guys.

Unlike Laine, she didn't pressure under large crowds.

Unlike Laine...

That girl was so pretty.

"Trust me!" She said, "I talk to him every night and he doesn't uhm...hate you!"


She giggled and patted Laine on the head.

"I hung out with him before you did so I know him a lot."

Please don't.

"You didn't know? We're going bowling tonight. I guess he forgot to tell you."

Please, oh please don't.

"He's moving you know. He asked me to be there to see him off. You coming Laine?"


"Hey what's your screenname? I asked him but he said he didn't have it."

Oh please don't take him away.

Laine sits there alone now, her eyes glued to his screenname.

thtLAINEchick: Hey.

xxCRAzyboixx: Hey.

thtLAINEchick: So is everything?

xxCRAzyboixx: Oh hey, I g2g. bye.

She stares at the blank screen and hugs her knees.

Ugly Laine, such an ugly little girl.