You quote a preacher who preaches

In a language you wish you understood

Blindly reciting

And tripping

Where the gaps are too far to cross

With a leap of shallow faith.

Buying words beyond your comprehension and selling meaning for prestige

Selling love for safety and safety for an even longer word


Sanctuary, a holy sacrament

Booty from this denied crusade

(As if raping the truth changes it.)

You hoard secrets with meanings you forgot to remember

Since it's more important to know than to care

Pretty accessories to decorate your pretty neck

Suffocating you with the anesthetic

You thought would carry you to sanctuary.

Killed by the morphine, the sugar in your already sweetened tea

That you need to choke down a creed too mutilated to swallow whole.

Picking around what tastes sour and skipping to desert and coffee

For your party of two

Your conscience and you

Choosing words that suit your appetite

Bloodthirsty and insatiable

Prostituted and paid in blood for sixty seconds of ecstasy

The last stop on your orgasmic power trip.

But the bliss will be lost in the blur of the morning after

Lost to a naked mangled scene of naked mangled bodies

And you'll remember that a lie is a sin

You, forcibly silenced by your own free will

You'll wish you'd had your voice.