The Fallen Room

My room has fallen away

Away from me

As I ponder it's existence

In the back of my infinite mind

Eternity awaits me

As I step off the ledge

Familiar faces

Flash through my mind

As if everyone I know

Has come to say goodbye

I push them away

As if they were a stack

Of homework

Or books

And take my final breath

Plunging into the obscurity

All my memories

Fade away

And I no longer

Have anything left

My hands frantically

Try to grasp the air

Nothing's there

The air around me

Turns frosty

Bitter winds

Snap at my bare feet

Have I chosen the wrong path?

Will it ever get better?

Familiar faces

Re-appear in my head

What have I done?

I will never see

Those I love again

I have chosen the infinite fall

God has decided my fate